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I was looking for a new sweet perfume for 2018 and I decided to buy this one. I really love that it is sweet, but not sickly sweet. It has a strong lipstick smell and it makes it appropriate for all ages and not only for teens. That lipstick smell I can detect it only in the opening, after that, I smell only caramel, but its caramel it is so unique for me, it is somehow salted or I can say it reminds me the soft caramel on top of a creme caramel(flan). I also love that it has good longevity (~10 hours), but not so much good sillage. Its poor sillage doesn't bother me at all, because I like the idea that someone can smell the sweetness and the caramel note on me only if heshe gets close to me. This perfume surrounds me like a soft sweet caramel aura, it is not like I am sprinkled with caramel syrup.

Various - Fear Candy 87Various - Fear Candy 87Various - Fear Candy 87Various - Fear Candy 87