Hightechdeath - requiem for the young world - HighTechDeath - Requiem

It is impossible to describe this album song per song, because each single song is, as mentioned above, such an eccentric, permanently transforming creation. You need to undergo it yourself to understand. But believe me that it needs, once again, endurance and courage to get through. One might consider the result way too exaggerated, but I think it has rather to do with well-thought creativity and hyper-kinetic energy than exaggeration.

In bar 10 we have a gorgeous Fmin9 voicing, which is then followed by an Abmaj7 in bar 11, which again has an implied third degree. After that we have B+ and Bsus4 triads, which are only differentiated by one note moving down a whole step on the B-string (G to F). Bar 15 presents a tasty Abmaj7 voicing, which is then followed by a Cmin(maj7) in bar 16.

From a distance the primary school, unlike any other, looked like a fortress dwarfing all other buildings within close proximity. I strolled casually towards it, and the school soon pulled me as …, into the circle of buildings it dominated. I stood before the rusty gate which towered exactly one metre over me, and stared at it. I was expecting something to happen based on my experience, but it only stared back at me plainly, as if it was not acknowledging my presence at all. Hesitantly I touched the lock to open it and… Bryan, Year 10

HighTechDeath - Requiem For The Young WorldHighTechDeath - Requiem For The Young WorldHighTechDeath - Requiem For The Young World