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The fork’s electrical jolt is activated with the touch of a button, completing a circuit between your fingers, the metal fork handle and your tongue. When charged sodium ions hit our tongue, their electrical potential activates ion gates that relay messages┬áto our brains. The fork hijacks this system by targeting these ion gates with an electric charge, fooling them into sending a salty signal to our brains.

"This fork is tough. I bought it 8 months ago and it's still good as new. I bought a second one last month as we have two barns. "

FFEA is proud to be a "Clean Water Advocate" sponsor for the Oldham County "Amazing Watershed Challenge 2014". This event is focused on Curry's Fork, a tributary to Floyds Fork Creek. Contact Carolyn Cromer, Curry's Fork Watershed Coordinator   [email protected]   or mail her: Oldham County Fiscal Court, 100 W. Jefferson Street, Suite 3, LaGrange, KY 40031. 

Fork - You Give Love A Bad NameFork - You Give Love A Bad NameFork - You Give Love A Bad NameFork - You Give Love A Bad Name